Don’t you just love the About page? Although invariably as I begin to write, my mind gets bombarded with movie references like “What About Bob?” and “There’s Something About Mary”. You get to read all about my bohemian-Jack Kerourac-Debbie Downer days. L.A.? Been there. O.C.? Done that. So we can get to the good stuff quicker, I’ll quote a fabulous USPS employee who assisted me on yet another one of my mail-forwarding-trans-time zones-move-plea-for-assistance: “Damn girl! How many times have you changed your address?” Some folks are weary of skinny cooks. I’m suspicious of anyone who’s never cozied up to U-Hauls or had a moving company on speed dial. How do they manage to stay in one place for so long?

If you took studio art classes in college, you might recognize me as ‘that girl’ who actually didn’t resent the art history requirements. After some dues-paying jobs, I landed some graphic design gigs with amazing people: Fortune 500 company, Art Director title, agency stuff – I’ve developed some chops here, there, and back there again.

Life has a funny way of coming full circle. These days I am mostly equal parts pixel and paint. Paper and screen. Paint for the soul, and pixels because you can sleep with rapidographs under your pillow but at the end of the day, you have to admit, digital is just so flexible.

So go on – take a perusal…I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Available for download in PDF format.

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