Patterns in Nature, Vol.I

I started my pattern series in 2010 and have since added new designs and reorganized the naming conventions of my files. I can always remember the year that I created something and usually the music that I was listening to as well. These pieces consist of original pencil and watercolor drawings that have been colored, scanned, and rearranged in a pattern that creates an interesting shape. When I think about it, it’s the kind of work that reflects the way I function as a designer and artist…organized, symmetrical and a little OCD…but I guess that’s good when it comes to deadlines.

This series has been organized in volumes which helps keep my file size smaller. They can be reproduced as prints at 8.5″x8.5″. I noticed something interesting when saving these as jpegs from my PSD files….layered patterns look pretty nice. Now I have a whole new category to introduce, whenever I get to that. For now, I’m posting the first 3 volumes of patterns.




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